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Product and Customer Support Policy

Technical Support

Technical Support is defined as advice and assistance in the download, installation, and operation of the OptiTools software. To a limited extent, technical support will also include advice on how the software is to be applied, but it specifically does not include education and consultation in SEO techniques, basic or advanced. Please read further below for recommended SEO resources.

Technical Support Knowledge Base

Broadly speaking, technical support for the OptiTools programs comprise issues related to (a) downloading and installing, (b) basic operation of the software, iand (c) understanding the meaning of the program outputs. After more than 2 years, and many thousands of installations, there are very few new questions, so the Knowledge Base will almost always answer your question. Of course, you have to actually find your particular problem, so to that end the knowledge base is keyword searchable.

The support knowledge base resides at: Thisarea is also reachable via the Help menu in all OptiTools products.

We do our very best to respond to support requests in a timely manner, but if your question is already answered in the support knowledge base, you will find that this is the fastest support alternative.

Also, you may notice that the support knowledge base provides RSS Feeds for each of the OptiTools products. You can subscribe to these feeds in your favorite RSS News Reader and thereby keep instantaneously abreast of product tips and advisories.

Technical Support via eMail

Product technical support is available free via email for the life of the product and this is the preferred means of support where your question is not already answered in the Knowledge Base. The support form at should be used to submit your request. This page is linked from the "Quick Links" menu in the support knowledge base at

Technical Support via Telephone

During the 90 day evaluation period included with all Windrose Software programs, you are invited to phone the company and speak directly with the program's developer during USA west coast business hours. This enhanced level of service is intended to get you productive with our products as soon as possible. You will need to be at your computer and copy of software when you call.

The most common need for telephone support is assistance with the download or installation of the software. In these cases, it will expedite the call significantly if you have reviewed the Installation Troubleshooter at before calling 877-474-3633.

SEO Support

We recognize that the OptiTools programs are ground-breaking in the kind of data they provide and the advanced SEO methods they support. The documentation and bonsues provided with each program are intended to get you started in understanding and applying the programs to your business. Depending mostly on your own level of experience in SEO, you might find that additional resources are required to get the greatest benefit from our software. To that end, below are listed a few of what we think are the best SEO/SEM resources available.

You may also send your SEO questions to support at and we will try to answer them in the SEO Blog at

Recommended Free SEO Resources

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Recommended Paid SEO Resources

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james martell

SEO Consulting

I do a very limited amount of SEO consulting with OptiTools customers. Our SEO practice is focused entirely on link optimization and culminates in recommended changes to your internal and external link text and linking topology. In many cases, you will need to have read our Dynamic Linking eBook to implement the internal linking changes we suggest. In all cases, familiarity with the material explained in Dynamic Linking will make our recommendations easier to comprehend.

Consulting is not our core business and is conducted strictly on a time-available basis billed at $500 per hour. All engagements begin following our fixed price proposal and prepayment of the fee. A typical engagement is 2-4 hours and will require from 3-5 days to complete owing to routine time committments.