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The Mastering PageRank Video Course

Got PageRank?
Want Some More??

In Just 30 Minutes I can show you...

  • How to Conserve what you have;
  • How to Concentrate it where you need it the most; and
  • How to Create more of it out of nothing!

Take Control!

For most webmasters, "PageRank just happens", and that's a shame, because once you know how it works and how to control it, you can make PageRank happen, instead of sitting by and letting it happen to you.

You will learn:

  • the single, plain and simple equation for PageRank and how it is used by Google. The math doesn't lie. Once you know the real math, you won't fall for all the silly speculation that's out there;
  • how and why PageRank changes with different linking structures. This is information you can use to conserve and concentrate PageRank starting today.
  • why Google seems to just love blogs. It's probably a mystery to you right now, but you'll soon see that it's all about PageRank.
  • three ways to manufacture PageRank from nothing. With little or no additional content on your sites, you can start using these techniques right away to increase PageRank.
  • why and how to use the new "nofollow" attribute in links. Most webmasters simply don't understand just how important this is. I'll show you why I think it is the single most important change in SEO since PageRank was invented.

Flush all that Mythology you've heard!

PageRank is so misunderstood, that probably half of what you've heard about it is just plain wrong. To listen to most webmasters PageRank sounds like voodoo. PageRank is math, not occult! Set yourself straight with this video and let other webmasters be confused. Once you learn how PageRank really works, you'll see the snake oil for what it is.

But isn't PageRank "dead"?

No way! PageRank is still very much alive and well. It's named for one of the founders for cryin' out loud! [Larry Page, in case you didn't know] PageRank is the foundation of nearly all the advanced link analysis technology that Google has been busy buying and patenting the past couple years. Sure, PageRank will evolve, but it will continue to be the center piece of Google ranking for a very long time.

And what happens when the various extended forms of PageRank are rolled out? Don't even think about trying to understand Topic Sensitive PageRank or TrustRank (to name just two) until you've Mastered PageRank.

I've heard there are 100 different ranking factors. So just how important is PageRank?

Just take a look at some search results. You virtually never see lower PageRank pages competing with high PageRank pages for the top 10. My research shows PageRank controls at least 50 percent of Google's ranking algorithm today. That's important. And it is mostly controllable when you know how.

So is high PageRank enough?

Absolutely not, otherwise would be #1 for everything! Link Reputation, a good page title, and a number of lesser factors are still important, but competitive searches are still dominated by high PageRank. If you expect to run with "the big dogs" you'll have to have PageRank to match.

Don't you have to be a PhD to understand this stuff?

Well, sure, the original papers are a bit tough to wade through, but I've already done that for you. Once you strip away all the "academic-mumbo-jumbo", PageRank really is not all that hard. In the last three years I've educated at least a dozen clients on how to control PageRank, and not once has anyone's head exploded!

As a software engineer since 1974 and a consultant and marketer since 1988, I've been forced to develop a knack for explaining technical "stuff" like PageRank to less technical customers.

It might only take you one viewing, or maybe even two or three, but when you get done with Mastering PageRank you will understand the theory and application of PageRank as well as any PhD, and all without one ounce of matrix algebra.

Truth is, most of that math just proves that PageRank is a stable, well-formed, convergent algorithm. We don't care about all that! We just need to know how it works, so we can figure out how to use it to make money!. And that I can teach you.

An Extraordinary Value

Clients pay $500 per hour for one-on-one coaching and consulting with me. Some have hired me more than once, so they must have been happy the first time. And well they should, because in more than one case I've doubled their income.

Everything I've taught clients in the last three years is about link optimization, either the text you use or the structure of your networks. Before now, the only way to get the information in this video has been to hire me for one-on-one consulting, so that makes the 38 minute Mastering PageRank video worth at least $250!

So Why am I Selling This?

I could just continue to teach this material one-on-one to clients, or in group workshops, but every webmaster can use this information, and most of them simply can't come up with my consulting fee. Besides, consulting is not my core business anyway. I'd rather you watch my video while I go build more ground breaking SEO software. Everybody wins!

Three Important Bonuses

A printable copy of the presentation. Use it to make your own notes while watching and listening to the video.

A printable copy of the transcript with the presentation. This is almost an eBook in its own right. Use this as a desk reference when you go to work on your own sites.

And just so you get the whole picture, I'm also throwing in - at no cost to you - an audio interview I did on SEORadio with Brad Fallon where I explain the ins and outs of controlling Link Reputation -- the second pillar of the Google ranking algorithm. When you combine this interview with the never before published techniques in Mastering PageRank, you have everything you need to control at least 80% of ranking at Google!

A Ridiculous Guarantee

Everybody knows you can't actually "return" information products like ebooks and videos: once you've viewed Mastering PageRank there's no way to "un-view" it, but I'm offering my usual 90 day unconditional return policy anyway. I know some people are going to take advantage of me, so I may have to change this later, but for now at least buying Mastering PageRank is a complete no-brainer:

  • just 50 bucks buys $250 of information not available anywhere else;
  • you get to view and download the video immediately following your order and start using the techniques the same day;
  • the slides and notes for the video are included as an Acrobat file so you take your notes and use it as reference material as you employ the techniques I'll teach you;
  • and after all that you still have 90 days to change your mind and get a full refund!

Wow, am I stupid? It's a good thing this product is already built and uploaded, because this is way too good a deal.

100% Guarantee Price:$49.95    Limited Time Special Sneak Preview Price!
Our No Risk Guarantee — Watch and learn from Mastering PageRank for a full 90 days. If you don't get at least ten times your cost out of this leading edge information, then just tell us. We'll give you a full and courteous refund, no questions asked!

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Have an Optimal day!
Leslie Rohde
Leslie Rohde
Creator of OptiLink and OptiSpider
P.S. Some of my consulting clients have paid literally hundreds of dollars to have me teach them the PageRank-optimizing techniques exposed in this video -- and they were happy to pay it, because in more than one case following my advice doubled their monthly profits.

P.P.S. Despite what you may have heard, ranking at Google is absolutely predictable: just measure and control your Link Reputation using the OptiTools software products; make sure your page titles contain your keywords; and optimize your PageRank using the information in the Mastering PageRank video.
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