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Does Your Site Have Any of These Seven Deadly Ranking Problems?

Problem #1 — The Spider Trap

A never ending loop, often created by custom 404 pages, where search spiders get trapped and never discover the rest of your site. Without your own spider, you might never know if you have this problem or not.
Solved!  OptiSpider works just like the search engine spiders. If it gets stuck, you know you have a problem, and can fix it before the search engine spiders get stuck and skip the rest of your site! Without OptiSpider, you would have to sift through your server logs after the fact to see when and where the search engines got stuck and then only after you figure out there's a problem. With OptiSpider, you'll know your site is clean before the search spiders arrive.

Problem #2 — Unreachable Pages

The only way pages get indexed is through links from other pages. But what happens when you forget a link or two? Or mistakenly remove a link when updating your site? And what about dynamic sites that are template driven? Without following every single link on your site, how can you be sure that some of your pages are simply not findable by the search engines? This happens all the time, and it is always a problem when it does.
Solved!  Because OptiSpider works just like the search engines, it will show you precisely what pages are reachable. Just compare the count of pages found by OptiSpider to the number of pages on your site. If OptiSpider didn't find a page, the search engines will not find the page either.

Problem #3 — Missing Pages

We've all experienced the dreaded "404 error" -- page not found -- and who of us has not caused the problem at least once. It's so easy to do when you are building lots of sites or large sites to simply forget to get all the pages built and uploaded. Or maybe there was a problem with your server or with ftp. The only way to be sure is to load all the pages. By hand? Not hardly.
Solved!  OptiSpider lists every single URL it finds on your site along with the title of the page. Spend 2 minutes and scan the entire list for the title of your 404 page and you won't have to spend any time worrying if you've missed one. You'll know that the entire site is uploaded and accessible to the search engines.

Problem #4 — Missing Page Titles

A keyword rich page title is the simplest of the three most important items used by the engines to rank pages, but how many times have you seen sites -- maybe even your own! -- where one or all of the pages are "Untitled Document"? Not good. It is almost impossible these days to get a page ranked for your search terms without the terms in the page title. This happens a lot: Google says there are more than 9 million(!) pages ranked for "Untitled Document".
Solved!  There's no excuse for this with OptiSpider. Just sort OptiSpider's list of pages by the page title, then scan the list for empty titles and for "untitled" titles. Even on a big site this will only take a minute.

Problem #5 — Incorrect Page Titles

But what if every single page has a keyword rich title — and they're the wrong keywords! I know I've done this. Usually this starts with copy-and-paste, followed by editing the page and forgetting to edit the title. Or maybe you changed what the page is about, or what it is supposed to rank for but the title still has the old keywords. Even if you're lucky enough to notice that you have this problem, it's really time consuming to figure out which pages are wrong.
Solved!  No program can fix this for you, but OptiSpider is a big time saver for exactly this kind of problem. In the page view you have every single URL next to the page title, so you can at least easily scan through the data all in one place. One of them catch your eye as not quite right? You can open the page in your browswer right from inside OptiSpider. You can also get some really strong hints of a problem by comparing your titles to your links (see the next solution).

Problem #6 — Wrong Links

Keyword rich link text is critical to ranking in all of the modern search engines, but it is also one of the most tedious aspects of SEO to get just right, because the link text is distributed all over your site. What we need is to show the links pointing to a page with the page itself, so that we can make sure the link we use really is correct for that page. This is precisely how the search engines handle links! They put the link to a page, with the page it points to, creating what we call Link Reputation for that page.
Solved!  OptiSpider does this too. For every single page on your site, we record every single link, the link text used, and the page it points to. You can then sort and view these links to focus on the links that need work.
But more than that, OptiSpider also computes the on-page Topic for each of your pages, compares the Topic to the Link Reputation, and displays a simple color code for just how well they match. This allows you to very rapidly scan for the links or pages that might need work.

Problem #7 — Missing Links

This is the most insidious mistake of all! Your site might be totally spiderable and not have any of the problems shown above, and still be missing important links. Links are the "conduits" that focus ranking power within your site (PageRank at Google, and forms of Link Popularity at MSN and Yahoo), so the comparitive number of links used within your site determines which pages will be easiest to rank. A page with more internal links or links from higher PageRank pages, will be easier to get positioned at the top of the results. But counting every link on your site by hand is out of question.
Solved!  Computers are taylored for just this sort of tedious task. OptiSpider counts every single link on your site and shows which pages get how many so you can intellegently adjust how ranking power is used. This would be essentially impossible by any other means, but with OptiSpider it's totally easy.

Leslie, I have used OptiLink for almost a year. I was delighted to hear about OptiSpider and bought it immediately. The product has provided the solutions I have been seeking for a very long time. For anyone involved in search engine marketing, OptiSpider is the best Christmas present they could ever wish for. Well done.

Tony Roocroft, Webmaster and SEO

And Once you're Error Free,
OptiSpider Will Help You Take Your Site to the Next Level

Conserve and Concentrate Your PageRank

News Flash!
OptiSpider now supports the new rel="nofollow" link attribute! Controlling the flow of PageRank is now so easy, your competitors are probably already doing it. OptiSpider is the only tool that shows the information you need to make effective use of "nofollow " linking.

The number of links you have pointing to a page is called Link Popularity, and it is a significant ranking factor in all the major search engines. Link Popularity also plays an important role in the computation of the Google Page Rank. Links are like bullets: you should make every link count, 'cause you only have so many. Links distribute Page Rank, create Link Reputation, and control in large part which pages will be easiest to rank. With OptiSpider™, you can tell at a glance what pages on your site are getting the most links, which ones are doing too much linking, and how much of your linking is off-site.

Here's a real example. From this one single view in OptiSpider™ we'll find two major improvements this webmaster can make to his site.

This screenshot shows the Counts View of OptiSpider™ sorted by Inbound link count. The first row is the site's home page, which (correctly) has links from nearly every page on the site. That's good news. The second page however is really bad news. This second page is not a "money making page", it's the usual "about us" page that we all have on our sites. These are very important pages to have, but when we give them this many links, they suck Page Rank from our other pages! From this one view alone we can see a great opportunity to conserve and refocus Page Rank — just reduce the number of links to the "no-money" pages. OptiSpider™ shows us which ones these are, how much damage they are doing, and where to make the changes.

There's a story to tell in the Outbound links too. This home page links to 21 other pages — no problem — but wait! Fully 14 of those links go to other domains. Not good! Why give away Page Rank from the most important and best linked page of the site? Better to put these Offsite links on a page that is much less important than the home page, or — if you want to get really advanced — use Dynamic Linking.

Here's an example of precisely that.

This webmaster has made extensive use of Dynamic Linking to focus nearly 100% of the ranking power of his site into the home page. All 140 pages on the site link to the home page and there are zero outbound links anywhere on the site. Of course, we're counting just "real" links here, this site uses dozens of Dynamic Links that spiders don't see (OptiSpider™ included). Can you find which page in this table is the sitemap? The Outbound, Onsite and Offsite link counts are your clue.

Once you begin using advanced linking techniques, you'll see that OptiSpider™ is vital to getting links where they need to be, and removed everywhere else.

Optimize Both Link Text and Page Text

But linking structure is only part of the search engine equation. You also have to have the right on-page text (Topic) and link text (Link Reputation) to consistently garner top placement. The easiest way to get top ranking is to have Topic and Reputation in very close agreement.

OptiSpider™ shows you the Topic and Reputation of each of your pages so you can check that they agree, and fix them where they don't.

For example, let's take a look at one of the OptiLink Sample Sites.

Here we see the OptiSpider™ Compare View listing all ten pages of the sample site along with the Topic and Reputation of each page. We also have a color coded comparison of these Reputation and Topic vectors. Green indicates very good match, while red is very poor. Well optimized sites will show more green than red. This single table instantly highlights the pages that might need work.

And when it comes to fixing links, OptiSpider™ helps there too. The Links View lists every single link on your entire site — I've done some sites that had more than 15,000 links! One click in the column headings and you can sort the table by the page where the link was found; the page the link points at; or the text used in the link.

One Button Sitemap

One of the more tedious site development tasks is the sitemap. The Pages View in OptiSpider™ provides a concise list of all the pages on your site along with the Title of each. That's not a bad place to start building a site map, but don't bother — OptiSpider™ already does that for you with a single mouse click! Just select this view, and choose "Make Sitemap". OptiSpider™ writes the HTML to the system clipboard so you can paste into your favorite editing program.

I bought both OptiLink and OptiSpider. They are excellent tools. SEO is hard enough that attempting to rank high and stay there without these tools is frankly a waste of time.

Vladimir, professional webmaster

Instant Gratification

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Your Choice of Platform

OptiSpider™ is 100% pure Java so it will run on virtually any modern computer. The current release is available today for Microsoft Windows (2000 through XP), all releases of Linux, and Macintosh OS-X (10.2.3 or later). Since OptiSpider™ is Pure Java, the same exact program runs on all these different platforms. A high speed network connection is also highly recommended, but not absolutely required.

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What the Web is Coming To

As the web becomes ever more competitve we will all need to exploit progressively more complex strategies, many of them based on advanced linking techniques. While these advanced techniques will create huge returns when done correctly, state-of-the-art tools are essential to getting them done right. OptiSpider™ software shows the complete picture you need to check, correct, and optimize the linking pattern of your entire site.

Leslie Rohde As Always,
Have an Optimal Day!

Leslie Rohde

P.S.  OptiSpider™ is the second program in the OptiTools Family of software. In the coming months, look for additional ground breaking products to accelerate your online success.

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