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Want to be #1?  Then run OptiLink on the #1 page and then make your page better!

OptiLink shows me in 60 seconds why a page is ranking at the top of Google.

John Heard, Search Engine Specialist, Beyond Engineering

News Flash!
OptiLink now supports the new rel="nofollow" link attribute! Controlling the flow of PageRank is now so easy, your competitors are probably already doing it. With OptiLink, now you can too. And what about your reciprocal links? OptiLink is the only tool available to guard against dishonorable reciprocal links!

Ranking is a battle! So to win, you have to know your opponent. With OptiLink, you will do just that.

There are just three simple steps to top ranking:

  1. Pick a search term and find the top ranked page.
  2. Compare your page to the top page using OptiLink.
  3. Change your own linking structure until your page is better.
That’s it. You’re done. The hardest part is waiting for the search engines to update!

Top Ranking is “in the Links”

Modern search engines measure just three things:

  1. Words on the page -- keyword density -- is still important, and all the top pages do it.
  2. Total number of links to your page, called link popularity, (the basis for Google’s proprietary Page Rank algorithm).
  3. The text of links that point at the page, called page reputation. This is a critical part of ranking in all modern search engines, especially Google, and the thing that most folks don’t get right.
There really is nothing else to measure! But unless you optimize all three, you'll have trouble getting and keeping top position.

A complete solution

OptiLink pulls together all three measurements and creates one integrated view where you'll see -- usually at a glance -- why pages rank the way they do:

  • Complete keyword counting of the entire page, tuned to the specific rules used by each search engine.
  • Total link counts reported for the selected engine.
  • Word by word analysis of every link pointing at the page. This is where we separate the top 10 from everyone else. Once you have a chance to use OptiLink for yourself, you'll see just what a huge difference link text makes in ranking.

No other software will tell you what's wrong with your link strategy; allow you to examine what others say about you; or what you said about yourself. It gives you the information you need to re-think your entire linking strategy.

Michael Campbell

But isn’t ranking all about Google Page Rank?

Page Rank is important. But it doesn’t beat link text. Here’s proof. The page rank of cnn.com is 9. That’s a powerful page! It has over 90,000 links according to Google. But if Page Rank is so important, why don’t I see CNN in every search I do? Why doesn’t CNN rank for “travel”, “bananas”, and “viagra”? Simple. Zero link reputation for those searches. But “news”? Well now that's a different matter—CNN ranks #1, and it is link text that makes the difference. Let’s see an example.

Real Search, Real Page, Really Good Linking!

One of my clients sells a simple one-word apparel item. Believe it or not this is a really competitive keyword with more than three million pages at Google, but he ranks #5 with just 56 links, and most of those are internal. How many links do the other sites have? Here’s the list:

1: 1060
2: 1060
3: 468
4: 174
5: 56
6: 292
7: n/m
8: 52
9: 768
10: 82

Update!! Now our hero is at #3 of 3.4 million pages. His 60 links now beats 548 links in the #4 spot and 286 links at #5. Way to go!

My guy’s page beats a site that has 13.7 times as many links! And what about the top site? It has over 1000 links compared to our hero’s measly 56 links. Which link campaign would you rather pay for: building 56 links (mostly your own) or finding places to sponsor more than 1000? OptiLink shows you just how many links you do need and how good they have to be so you know in advance what it takes to be in the top ten.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm really happy with the OptiLink software. It's definitely helped me to optimize my sites and give me the edge I need to do my job as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.

Bill Hartzer, Webmaster and SEO.

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Ranking that "sticks"

Ever noticed that some pages are harder to beat than others? Those are the pages that use the right linking stategy! With some searches you can get by with just good keyword density and a bunch of incoming links, but it won't work for long unless those links say the right thing. It is the pages with link text that matches the keywords on the page that will stick to the top like they own it. That's how a site with just 60 links can be in the top 5 at Google for months while sites with hundreds of links shuffled in and out like the latest fad.

Thanks for developing OptiLink. It is a key part of my SEO toolkit.

Michael Stankard, webmaster and SEO.

Everything the Experts Wanted -- And More!

Michael Campbell, noted search engine expert and internet marketing consultant, was the first one to try OptiLink. There were several search engine experts consulted in the design of OptiLink, but it was Michael who got to put it through it's paces before everyone else. I knew that if it did everything Michael needed, it would be every expert's first choice. Here's the result of Michael's first test:

Based on the information from just one run of OptiLink, I found key problems in my own linking structure. After one small text change to my internal web pages, my search engine positioning went up...way up.

Michael Campbell – CEO, Dynamic Media Corporation & widely followed Internet marketing consultant and author.

OptiLink is the first, and so far only, tool that analyzes the same information that the search engines use. OptiLink then presents this data in 4 different tables where you can see for yourself—in mere seconds usually—why pages rank the way they do.

But Maybe You're Not an Expert?

Then you should spy on someone who is! With OptiLink you can do just that! Pick your favorite expert internet marketer and sic OptiLink on their site. A few minutes later you'll have a detailed picture of how all their sites are linked together, who registered them, and what they are about. OptiLink is the simplest way to study how the experts get (and keep!) top ranking.

Congratulations on designing such simple, yet POWERFUL, software. Designers tend to over complicate applications, but OptiLink is really simple to use and produces stunning results. Well done.

Nick Higgin, Search Engine Optimizers Ltd.

Many search engine optimization programs have dozens of complex features that require special knowledge of how each engine operates. Not OptiLink. With its built-in knowledgebase OptiLink knows how the engines count words; how they catalog and manage links; and how they format results. The hard stuff is already done so it's dead simple to use.

Read this unsolicited testimonial from a brand new, non-"computer guy".

I purchased OptiLink a little over a month ago. At that time the web site for my Martial Arts school was basically unfindable on Google. Using the information I got from running OptiLink combined with the "Spider-circle" linking structure you explain in your E-book "Dynamic linking" I redesigned my site. Just 5 days (!) after I put the new site up I had 3 new prospects come to my school. I asked how they had found us and they all came from Google. One of them told me: "You're all over Google". To see what he meant I ran my ranks in Google for my top four prime keyword phrases. I found that my home page and my main internal page were both coming up, so I was listed twice for the same search. Better yet, in spite of not being a "computer guy", I understand exactly why my site pulled up that way...and how to keep it there. Thanks for your excellent program and also for your patient technical assistance on the phone.

Sensei Gerry Knapton

Ranking the easy way

At last count, there were about a dozen major search engines, and every one of them provides different results. Many SEOs will tell you that you have to custom design a page for each search engine! Then you'll have to keep tweeking those pages to stay in favor with every little change each search engine makes in how it analyzes pages. To win with nothing but keyword density programs and free link counters, that might be what you have to do.

But why fuss with a dozen engines, when there are only three indexes? The different engines vary the index results so surfers think they're different, but there really are only three link indexes: Google, MSN, and Yahoo. All the others are just portals! When you optimize linking, you optimize for the index, not the portal.

Run OptiLink on just these three indexes, and you have optimized your position for all twelve search portals.

I'm a new user of OptiLink and haven't really had time to get to know it yet, but felt I had to write and say well done and thank you. I've run it once on one of my domains and on a competitor's and I can immediately see a huge problem with my linking strategy. I do make a full time living from affiliate sales and keep pretty well up to date with the search engines. I thought that I knew plenty about Google...you've just proven me wrong! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Ross Nursey, webmaster.

So do you need this software?

Absolutely not. Here’s the 30 second description of exactly what OptiLink does and how you can do it yourself:

  1. Using your url, say www.optitools.com, do a search at your favorite engine for link:www.optitools.com. This will return a list of every page that links to yours.
  2. Next, visit every one of those pages, find where the page links to you, and copy the link text that it uses to a spreadsheet.
  3. When you’re done with that, divide the links up into separate words and use your spreadsheet program to tally what percentage of links use each word.
  4. Finally, measure the keywords on your page and in the titles of all the linking pages and you could build a chart just like this screen shot from OptiLink:
compare view

Anyone can do this with nothing more than a browser, a spreadsheet and a few spare hours. Or, you could just type the URL into OptiLink and let it do the same job as fast as your Internet connection will allow. OptiLink is not magic, it's just a faster way of doing something you could do manually. The magic of OptiLink is what you can do with the results!

This program KICKS BUTT!! In 10 minutes I got better information than I was able to generate on my own the past 3 months. Literally, this is THE KILLER APP for Web Marketers. I only hope my competitors don't find out about it!

Peter Bresko – webmaster

And What About Your Competition?

Suppose your competitors use OptiLink before you do? What if they go make the changes Michael Campbell did -- his page bolted out of nowhere to #5 -- wiping out someone else on the way. And that was just his first analysis! What if that was you? What would that do to your traffic?

You R-O-C-K! I sleep better at night because of your software. OptiLink 2.0 is the difference between wondering what happened and making things happen with link popularity and relevancy. My clients just think I’m magic. Thanks!

Rob Snell, Web designer and marketer

Top ten ranking is a high-tech battlefield, and OptiLink has changed the balance of power. The reward for winning the search engine war is huge, but victory usually goes to whoever has the best and latest weapons. If your competition already has OptiLink -- and it leaves no footprint, so there's no way to know-- can you really afford to be without it?

Thank you, I am addicted to your program.

Bret Lawson

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Need proof? Download it now and take a Look

Take the 5 minute tour, or watch the 2 minute video to see just how easy OptiLink is to use. Want more? Then read the entire OptiLink user guide.

Still not enough? Download the FREE OptiLink Demo and start analyzing real sites. The demo is limited to using 10 links from Hotbot so for real SEO work, you'll need the full version. But link analysis is so powerful, you might just be surprised at how much you can do with only 10 links. If there are less than 100,000 competitors for your keywords, the free version of OptiLink might be all you need!

I never rave about software purchased, articles read, etc., but I feel I must in this case. I purchased your program a couple hours ago and it's the best program I have ever invested in. I'm not just saying this for effect, OptiLink is bloody fantastic! Based on the information gathered in less than two hours we will be revising all our SEO campaigns.

Mark Esho, professional Search Engine Optimiser.

Your Choice of Platform

OptiLink is 100% pure Java so it will run on virtually all state of the art computers. The current release is available today for Microsoft Windows (2000 through XP), all releases of Linux, and Macintosh OS-X (10.2.3 or later). Since OptiLink is Pure Java, the same exact program runs on all these different platforms. A high speed network connection is also highly recommended, but not absolutely required.

Thank you for producing such innovative products, I do not know if younoticed or not but my site's main page is PR5, I believe that I will get it to PR6 soon. I owe that to Optilink, it is an incredible tool. Keep up the good work.

Jim Nech, webmaster

Order now, and get much more than just software

Order before midnight Saturday, May 13 and I’ll include these 4 valuable bonuses. I really do not know how long I will be continuing this promotion, so all I’m going to commit to is that this offer is good only until midnight. After that, I make no promises!

OptiTools BonusBonus #1 - Free updates for life

Since the first public release in May of 2002, there have been ten releases, all FREE to registered users. OptiLink is updated about once a month just to keep pace with the search engines, but about half of the releases also added new functions, new features, and enhanced analysis.

SEO is a fast paced, ever changing business, and OptiLink keeps pace with each step. Someday, I'm sure I'll have to charge for updates, but if you purchase now, you'll get life-time updates free.

OptiTools BonusBonus #2 - Unheard of support!

Unlimited technical support via e-mail is a "standard feature" enjoyed by all OptiLink customers. Nearly all email is answered the same day, often within the same hour!

But sometimes e-mail isn't enough, so if you place your order before midnight Saturday, May 13 you will also get unlimited telephone technical support during your 90 day trial period. This is virtually unheared of in the software business today, but it is our way of making sure that you get upto speed fast, and with as little hassle as possible, so you can begin to profit from the unique power of OptiLink.

Frankly, the reason I’m able to make this offer is because I know that OptiLink almost never needs support! But rest asured that if it is needed, you'll have my personal phone number so you can get any problem fixed and be back in business in record time.

OptiTools BonusBonus #3 – OptiLink Application Secrets Guide

OptiLink is one-of-a-kind software that produces new and unique results. To help you get the best use of some of OptiLink's coolest features we've put together 36 pages of OptiLink Application Secrets. Through screen shots, real examples, and step-by-step procedures you'll learn the nine key ways to use OptiLink to supercharge your business.

  • Ranking analysis. Reverse engineer top ranking link strategies so you can use them on your own pages.
  • Ranking prediction. Do “what-if” analysis so that you know your ranking even before Google does.
  • Link optimization. Optimize your internal linking to make your site easier to make rank at the top.
  • Link partner selection. Take a critical look at potential partners and select only the best.
  • Link partner monitoring. Keep track of who links to you and what they say so you know that your hard-earned links are still there and contributing to your reputation the way you planned.
  • Predicting traffic quality. Use the page topic and linking page titles to estimate how well the traffic from linking pages matches the subject of the target page.
  • Spying on your competition. What tricks has your competition used to get ranked and where are they getting their traffic.
  • Searching for Super-affiliates. Locate the best performing affiliates in your industry so you can approach them about selling your product too.
  • Researching Expired Domains. Look at expired domains using link analysis so you can decide which ones to buy and which ones to pass by.
  • OptiTools BonusBonus #4 – OptiLink Sample Sites

    A critical part of building top ranked pages is using the right internal linking strategy. After analyzing literally hundreds of sites with OptiLink, I put together three sample sites to demonstrate how to structure your internal linking for best search engine ranking. Each of these sites includes an OptiLink analysis file along with my commentary on what is good about it, and what is wrong with it. With OptiLink and these examples of linking strategies, you will gain a whole new perspective on building top ranking pages.

    Zero risk, 100% Money Back, 90 Day Guarantee

    Do you realize just how small the web really is? Or smaller still, the search engine optimization community? I’ve staked my reputation on this product, and Internet experts like Michael Campbell, John Heard and Stephen Mahaney have publicly endorsed it. How long do you think I'd last if I didn't keep my promises?

    If you don’t want OptiLink, for any reason at all, or no reason at all, you can return it during the 90 day risk free trial period for a full, complete, no questions, no pressure, no whining refund of the entire purchase price. Just one email, one phone call, or even smoke signals will do. You get your money back. Same day. Period.

    A single one time payment of just $149 gets you all this:

  • The one and only one program in the world that brings together all the measurements that control top search engine ranking. OptiLink performs unique analysis not available anywhere else, at any price.
  • Free updates for life so you keep pace with the rapidly changing search engines for as long as you own OptiLink.
  • Free email support forever. An extra cost item with almost all software, but provided FREE to all OptiLink customers.
  • Free telephone technical support during your 90 day evaluation period so that whatever needs fixing gets fixed now.
  • The inside, expert secrets of nine (!) different ways to use OptiLink to turbocharge your e-business.
  • Free access to three sample sites I created to explain internal linking strategies. This bonus alone will put you ahead of most of your competition, as you’ll see for yourself once you start using OptiLink.
  • I have used OptiLink on one of my latest projects (I've been an SEO for over five years) and I have to tell you it is a tool I would highly recommend to anyone. After I received your software, I propelled my client to #2 and #3 for his particular keywords at Google. More importantly, I was able to learn what his competitors were doing and where they were linked.

    Don Fox, professional Search Engine Optimiser.

    Still Not Sure? Then Decide Next Quarter

    Download it now. Use it for a full ninety days. If it isn't for you, tell me to buy it back. Me, the author. Leslie Rohde. A real person that you can talk to on the phone or visit in person the next time you're in Portland, Oregon. This product has my name on it, my personal guarantee behind it, and the endorsement of some of the top names in internet marketing. Just like the search engines, it's about reputation!

    100% Guarantee Price:$149
    Our No Risk Guarantee — Try OptiLink for a full 90 days. If it doesn't become an indispensable part of your search engine strategy, then just tell us. We'll give you a full and courteous refund, no questions asked!

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    Because reputation is everything!
    Leslie Rohde
    Leslie Rohde
    Creator of OptiLink
    P.S. Can you afford to be without the latest tools? I knew I couldn't. That's why I built OptiLink. To get every single edge I could. Purchase OptiLink Today and see for yourself what all the excitement is about. P.P.S. Is your site already top ranked? Then, consider this. Right now, while you read this, someone with OptiLink might be analyzing your site. Looking for a weakness in your linking strategy, and building a page to beat your hard-won position. Ranking is an arms-race, and the leaders are always the prime targets. With OptiLink, you can stay on top of your linking, so you can stay on top of your ranking.
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    Occasionally I buy a resource and find myself wishing I had created it. Optilink and Dynamic Linking are just such tools, and in capable hands, they can work wonders for SEO rankings. With their help, our flagship site has bounded from the low teens to #1 in Google under a highly competitive financial keyword. These are tools not to miss, and the price bears no relationship to the immense value for one who will implement them with diligence.

    Clay Cotton, "The pianoman who would not sleep with Janis Joplin"