Windrose Software

Developer of commercial software and educational products for webmasters and eCommerce professionals.

Our current software offerings consist of the first two programs in the OptiTools™ suite of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) products.

OptiLink OptiLink
The premier Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tool in use by thousands of webmasters and professionals world-wide. OptiLink revolutionized the SEO technology by being the first, and still most complete, tool for analyzing the effect linking has on ranking. The company coined, and a multitude of users subsequently popularized, the term Link Reputation to describe the unique link measurement that OptiLink introduced.
OptiSpider OptiSpider
This, the second program in the OptiTools™ suite, is focused on the complex task of constructing web sites that are friendly to search engine spiders and amenable to top ranking. Developed out of the research that forms for the basis of OptiLink, plus nearly a hundred site in-depth analyses conducted under contract to clients and as independant research. It is the job of web designers to deliver a site that humans want, but only a program can find out if the site provides what search engine spiders need.
Dynamic Linking Dynamic Linking™
Dynamic Linking is the adaptation of DHTML techniques to advanced SEO with particular emphasis on top ranking at Google. Windrose Sofware partnered with Dynamic Media Corp. to produce and market this product, so it is available exclusively with Michael Campbell's Revenge of Mininet. These two products fit "Hand in Glove", creating one of the most powerful SEO techniques available.

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