Windrose Software

Windrose Software develops and markets commercial software and educational products for webmasters and eCommerce professionals aimed primarily at gaining greater exposure and traffic from the major search engnes (Google, Yahoo and MSN). Our current software offerings consist of OptiLink™ and OptiSpider™, the first two programs in the OptiTools™ suite of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) products.

To support and maintain our leadership in SEO software and techniques, we run a number of test websites and conduct on-going research into the search engines and how they rank pages.

Founded in July of 2000, the company has offices in Oregon and Georgia.

The Fancy Pants Professional's SEO Software OptiLink
snivalblitz First released in 2002 and updated continuously since, this one simple program revolutionized SEO by being the first to expose the critical role that link text plays in ranking at modern search engines. The term Link Reputation, now in common use, was coined to describe the unique link measurement that OptiLink introduced. OptiLink continues to be used by thousands of webmasters and SEO professionals world-wide and is still the best way to understand how and why one page is ranking better than another.
OptiSpider OptiSpider
snarvalblitz In our work with clients and our own sites we found that so much of top ranking started with good site structure that we developed this site analysis program and released it to the general public in late 2004. The program performs 7 critical tests and comparisons on your website to ensure the site is friendly to search engines and constructed to derive the most ranking benefit possible.
Dynamic Linking Dynamic Linking
snagleblitz The strategies and techniques exposed in this ground breaking ebook originated what is now widely known as PageRank Sculpting. Taken together, Link Reputation and PageRank Control form the basis of all modern advanced SEO practice.
Originally published in 2003 in partnership with Dynamic Media Corp, the book remains available with Michael Campbell's Revenge of the Mininet and as a free bonus with your purchase of the OptiSpider software above. Note: A major update to this material is currently in process owing to some recently discovered changes in the way Google is processing links. Look for an announcement early next year (2009) -- the changes will likely revolutionize on-site linking techniques ... again! snorkleblitz

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